A dance outfit

This is saturday night, I am ready for a moonlight.. So, I wore items from Cosmopolitan Saleroom. I imagined that I was britney in ‘everytime’ video clip. I wore a cool cap from Opopop and artsy shirt from Stephano’s Design, well, he is a dancer too and we made a clip with our friend Boris…

Dragon Quest

After cursed by the dark forest, in previous story¬† , Emilia was searching a master at a asian kingdom land. She knew about a master that can broke a curse at a rumor at the bazaar near her village. The master called, Wushu Xin. But from the story, they told that Wushu Xin can only…

Hello Tuesday ! This is my love..

After I walked around a garden (previous post), I visit my baby’s room. He is was there, sleeping. Very calm like an angel. My love in second life , Leon. I had him with my past and I adopted a young baby girl too. For now, I let him sleep there and sttt.. don’t make…

Found Something

I found a dead body in a river. I was walking searching for story inspiration. I thought it will be scary to walk outside but I did. I need an inspiration for my next page in 11pm, and suddenly I saw a body. It was shocking, so I ran to police station near the location….

Night Rest

I want to chill, just for today. Rested from writing a story everyday. Just calm and silence for a while. My red outfit from Snowpaw at Designer Showcase event accompanied me through the night.  

Hello Tuesday ! This is my Practice Plank <3

Hello, I want to introduce you to my personal item. This is my practice plank, made by someone in my past. As a model in secondlife, we had been told by our teacher that we must keep practicing, that still stick to my mind even it was 1 year ago. I use this plank sometimes…

Black Crow

I chose this outfit from Gareth Pugh’s design. This style cloth represent of a darkness and a seriousness of a story. Gareth alaways gave a story to tell on his designs so I will do the same with my outfit. This is a darkness feeling inside a woman’s heart. Sensitive, fragile and misterious.