My journey at Flora’s Fashion Contest

As a fan of fashion, me myself a real life fashion fan. I love to make a search to several magazines,Vogue,Marie Claire,Style Magazine,you name it.. It is a drugs for me to see the creativity,to see beautiful or the end products, to see how the ordinary to be the most valuable things that I can’t think that could be more wonderful. Here in Secondlife I find something pretty that I can do to dress myself to be a stylish or a little designer, mix and match several things, a chance to think out side the box. As a model student at several academies in Secondlife I like to come to several shows to add knowledge and some references. As Frolic, a fashion mogul, said in his post several months ago, “ A great model never stop to knowledge herself and growing..”.

So, I came to this awesome show called, Flora’s Fashion Contest. I saw several ladies competed there. In day 1, they competed with beach wears. I saw several ladies showed their ability to mix and match several outfits and accessories. I saw several girls were talented to put things better and came 5 semifinalist from there. In day 2, The semifinalist competed to wore gown and mix and match it with several parts from several dresses,accessories and put things together in one place. Like one of the judges said,Ava,” We judge not only their style,but also how they put things together,how they edit the prims,and poses they use with the gown.”. So, this is very challenging for them to show their creativity and also to watch every aspects that will be concerned to be judged. From day 2, 3 girls was came in the spot, there are Ms.Oraclelight, Ms.Spirit, and Ms. Dementia. They have good taste to mix and match several fashion statements to thought outside the box. I capture them on my mind and my camera, to be my reference at the end of the day.

Day 1

Flora among ladies


The judges

Some guests and sponsors that I captured..

Day 2

Some contestants Showed several gown styles and represented some countries.

Flora with Romantic Couture Gown

ps.I like the detail she wore on her hair,she showed her own style.






Me,with Romance Couture gown that I love..

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