Photographers in Secondlife Fashion Industry

Photographers in Secondlife Fashion Industry

By Elleonna Seraphine


Snap snap..

How do you make your pictures to be outstanding ? To get great picture is not a simple case. Well, in fashion photography, you need to show the best look or emotion to help the outfits get their feel and reach the message behind those captions. Not an exception in secondlife’s fashion and photography industry. To get what you want, you will need to be inspired by others to find the best way of showing masterpiece. Our writer, got exclusive interviews with some of our great photographers in secondlife’s fashion photography industry, Skip Staheli, Ashia Denimore, Asia Rae, and Rabia Baxton. Let’s check them out..


Elleonna : How long you have been working in photography in sl (and rl if you have) ?

Skip : I’d started in 2008 with my photostudio inworld..

Ashia : in SL since August 2009 and in RL I fell in love with taking photos and editing them since 2002 after graduating in college.

Asia : I have been doing photography approximately four years in SL.

Rabia : In Sl I started to do pictures around 2 years ago, but last year was very intensive.

Elleonna : Do you have experience in RL photography too ?

Skip : No, not at all… except photographing common daily stuff… like my snorring cats for example..  😉

Ashia : yes, I took photography classes in university, it become a hobby but never do it professionally.

Asia : I have visited many countries in RL, and I had a chance to take pictures because of my profession. I always have a good camera, but I still took amateurish quality pictures.

Rabia : I love to do photos in rl, I can spend ages on them. Especially I am capturing macros of flowers but as well landscapes catch my eyes.

Elleonna : What are your experiences in sl photography ?

Skip : I have been doing this since 2008, so a bit too much to tell all.. lol… there

were many great experiences and lots of fantastic people I worked with.. I

feel lucky and blessed.

Ashia : I had photography studio since 2009, it has been my first SL business before I become involved in fashion world.

Asia : I learned photoshop and I photographed lots of clients. Maybe I can do this job in real life one day because sl is more difficult than rl.

Rabia : I started to do own pictures two years ago then decided to open an own studio. I do all kind of photos beginning of simple portraits and finishing on the model’s contest pictures.


Elleonna : Can you tell us, your story from beginning to be well-known photographer ?

Skip : When I started SecondLife in 2007, I was for fun making snapshots of

friends.. and their friends…  it was nothing special..  but still, soon

more and more people asked me to make their picture.. and quickly I had

clients, without I really had planned it. I never had thoughts like “Oh im

going to be a SL photographer” It did just grow this way..  It’s like a

snowball, rolling …getting bigger…  and lots of mouth to mouth

advertisment. When Nando, of Angel Dessous, asked me to make ads for him,

it became really bigger and more serious.. more models came.. and first I

made tons and tons of contest pictures for them..  At some point I stopped

doing these contest pics, cause it was a lot of the same.. all the

time…. But for sure I think, these contest pics did put me on the map.

Ashia : Umm “well known?” I don’t know about that but in my early years I started accepting modeling portfolio and become resident photographer in a magazine. I was known to be fast and affordable.

Asia : In the beginning of my story, I always took pictures in SL. My profile photo was loved by many people and soon flowed into working with designers. My first professional work started with Glam Affair shooting their skin photos, and then continued to other designers. Doing their professional ads and of course more and more private clients.

Rabia : Photos were always my passion and I always want to do them in sl. I remember I started from very simple pictures, and learn a lot from tutorials to improve my quality. I actually still do J

To became more famous I offered a free session to famous models and that’s how all begin.

Now every picture which I do make me satisfy in what I do and a happy client tell me I am on the right place in sl.

After some time I has been offered to work in Radar magazine, which make me so happy as someone saw my work.

After working for them for a while i got an offer from wonderful Rico Mar to work for Fashion Teller Magazine, I was so honored I could join his team.

Lately I became a member of another great magazine Style Kingdom. Dougie Boxen make me honored to work for him.

I know if you really want something and if you try harder sooner or later you will get it.

I always want to be a famous photographer and seems my dreams just came true J



Elleonna : What is fashion photography from your point of view ?

Skip : First of all.. I am myself, do not see me as a fashion photographer. I

think my work is more emotional and more like a drawing/painting, then

like photographs.  When I think of real fashion photography, in my eyes

it shows crisp of fashion. It’s about showing the outfit and styling as best as

possible. When I think about high end inworld fashion photography I think

about the work of Miaa Rebane, Kyrie Source, Badon Rain and Graphic Dix

for example.They do it perfectly. Looks like true magazine ads. That

is  how I think fashion photography is meant to be.

Ashia : Fashion photography is an art of presenting clothing and accessories through photos and or advertisements.

Asia : Fashion photography to me is pushing the limits of creativity, as well as showcasing the quality of the designs in the photos. I think the amount of creative fashion designers will grow in the future and consequently with the amount of fashion photography, will grow as well.

Rabia : Fashion photography for me is about showing the best view of clothing or lifestyle . It’s the combination of two art forms, fashion and photography.


Elleonna : How do you know fashion photography in sl at the first time ?

Skip : Through Nando of Angel Dessous, making his advertisments.

Ashia : I was hired by friends making their contest and blogging photos, we made a deal. Someone invited me to be one of resident photographer for this fashion magazine back in 2010, It closed its door and become my stepping stone.

Asia : When I first came to SL, honestly I had no idea about the subject of fashion photography. I would see my creator friends worked their catalogs, and I’ve always follow fashion trends in rl and sl very well. I was just naturally moved into the world of fashion photography.

Rabia : I was asked to do some pictures for fashion contests and that’s how I learn fashion photography.


Elleonna : How do you learn sl photography for fashion ?

Skip : I think like all photography.. keep practicing.. loving your job, and

loving fashion…. work hard and do it with endless passion.

Ashia : I don’t think it is any difference than any kind of photography, for me all you need is ideas and creativity then off you go :).

Asia : Fashion photography is a combination of the models and the photographers abilities. I learned that having the clothes to appear in the foreground, I can adapt the models and objects to each other in good proportions.

Rabia : I do learn everything by myself, I spend some time watching tutorials, browsing internet especially magazine websites like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan etc or look at examples of others pictures especially on flickr.

Elleonna : What things that inspired you in taking pictures ?

Skip : I’m inspired by many many things.  Life inspires me.  My past and my now.. My dreams and goals, my desires. Things i see each day.. hear each day.  Through the radio, television at work… you name it.  Photo platforms like Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr etc..  Movies I saw.. music I listen.. People I love..and most of all my client. The one that Im shooting at that specific moment. I start talking with them, and I feel them, and then a image comes in my head mostly all the time….

Ashia : Anything around me really, but most importantly, those people who are close to me, when I am happy I am inspired.

Asia : My inspirations are firstly the details of the model’s outfits and sometimes I encounter different and beautiful things in real life to draw inspiration from. Usually gorgeous hairstyles, giant flowers on their heads, colorful outfits and bright and glamorous jewelry always impress me as well.



Elleonna : What is your photography style ?

Skip : Soft, Romantic, Dreamy and Emotional.

Ashia : My photography style evolved in time as SL evolves, back in the day windlights are not as famous yet, so I was editing more on P.S. I like whimsical then, but since I am photographing more models and ads now it really depends on what they want in the photo.

Asia : My genre is predominately fashion photography but my style can vary depending on the creator or model.

Rabia : Every photographer has an own style so as me.

Elleonna : Do you think to have a feel in the pictures, photographer have to know

fashion industry too or jump into modeling world ?

Skip : I guess no. But you have be interested though, have heart for it. For example, you ask me for this interview as being a fashion photographer. In my eyes i’m not  But I sure do love fashion, and find a lot of fun and pleasure in styling, making outfits and helping others with it…

Ashia : No photographers doesn’t need to be a model themselves but they need to know fashion as well.

Asia : Most of the time I would like to think my work reflects my sense of knowledge of the fashion industry, because I think it is Important that the photographer has an understanding of fashion or even modeling, but these are things that can be improved on over time with acquired experience.

Rabia : Yes you need to know a fashion industry maybe not as model do but it gives a help when you do. Working as a model and being a photographer is even better in my personal opinion. Everyday you will know exactly what happening in fashion world and that help to understand fashion pictures.


Elleonna : Do you like studio work or outdoor ? Why ?

Skip : I like to work in my studio, cause I’m used to do most of the work in photoshop. So for me works most handy, if I can cut out the avatar who is posing on my canvas. This kind of work is just in my comfort zone. I’m trying these days also inworld/outside photography, and it’s fun too. But very different and I still have to learn much in this way of photography.

Ashia : Back in the day I only shoot in studio but now I like combination of both.

Asia : Both have different advantages and require intensive work, but we are forced to use the ambiance created by environments inside as well as outside of studio.

Rabia : I mostly do pictures in studio and I use own stock for background. I can let my imagination choose right theme for the pictures.


Elleonna : if you want to give tip(s) to our readers, what is that ?

Skip :Just follow you heart. Do it with lots of love and lots of eager and have patience. And most important, stay close to yourself, be unique.

Ashia : Photography is like any other skills, it takes time, it’s not overnight, it needs cultivation and patience, I am not going to lie, the learning curve can be tiresome and tedious but when you love what you do it’s very worth it.

Asia : Browsing through the photos I have made as well as other successful photographers in SL by studying our work from older to newer. You can see our envolvement as artist within our bodies of work. In that, they may be inspired by seeing a particular artist grow over the years. Another suggestion is don’t imitate an artist‘s work please. One can follow a certain style of a photographer’s work without actually imitating their work. Developing your own style is important to be a successful artist. Reading books of photography for enrichment of your imagination is helpful as well as looking at magazines, watching movies and surfing the Internet is wonderful for gaining inspiration too.

Rabia : If you feel a passion for being a photographer just do it J Practice don’t be afraid to ask and learn everyday. Never give up in what your passion is.

Gallery :

Pics by Skip :


  1. Skip~Farewell….

Sometimes I make a work, just for me.. cause to express myself, or as a therapy for the mind… it sure helps.  This piece I made.. saying farewell. letting a lil paper boat drift off.   I lost my mother when she was 49 through cancer…  and the thought, that we will meet again, one day… is soothing for me. Cause I still miss her every day.


2. It isn’t Your Time Yet

Another piece, I made to express myself…

I made this work 2 years ago, when my dad was very very sick, I was so scared to loose him… today I can say grateful he’s doing so very well…  ❤  This work will always have a very deep meaning to me..


3. Hydrangea

This one, doesnt have a particly specific reason..why it does mean much to me… its just a piece im very very proud of.. and one of my very favorits of portraits I’v ever done.. I keep looking at it, and feel it…  I even did choose this image, to make a RL card for the wife of my father of it, since she loves Hydrangea so much… the whole family was in awwwwwwe  lol  😉


Ashia’s Pics


Ashia’s headshot


Rabia’s Pics




Lanna (Rabia’s work)


Azarna (Rabia’s creation)


Asia’s Pics


1.Photo Style card

Slink Boots


2.Photo Style Card

Vanity Hair: Driven To Tears-

[monso] My Tied Up Jacket – Pop

[monso] My Warmer Muffler

[monso] My Overall – Light Blue

GizzA – Tank Top White

Slink AvEnhance Feet Female


Izzie’s – 70s Sunglasses white

[ fiore :. Natasha Static Mesh Head



3.Photo Style Card           Note: (We want give profil photo for this interview)

AMNESIA Creations


4. Photo Style Card

Faenzo Mirte Structural Dress

Glam Affair -skin

/Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair

AF Edi’s Lamp (Straw)Apple Fall


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