Summer.. Summer..

Summer.. Summer.. I catched you before you go..

This summer I want to take a walk in a backyard beach. Just happy and release myself. Just me, the sea and some birds ❤

orange turban

I found some amazing designs that looks comfort to wear and can be worn with just bikini. At first pic, I wore a bikini with a tie that covered top body. It really looks comfort and the designer has her own real life boutique too, Joy, really has a good taste. Then that won’t complete without orange turban from [7891.]. This turban is a hype style this season. With earrings, it looks chic. To keep it simple, I just wore a simple heels from Lindy Falyn. Even just in the beach, I want to be awesome too. Right ? ❤

Style Card :

Shorts : [Luxuriant] – Mirage Booty Shorts (black)
Eyeshadow : Dulce Secret – Karma Eyeshadow 3
Lipstick : Madrid Solo – Facade Lips (Golden Girl)
Lashes : Mon Cheri – Falshie
Tie : .Shi – Tie T
Earrings : M&M-CESILIA HIPPY MESH PINK-COSM – Eva Earrings
Heels : Lindy -Falyn (BlackPat)
Turban : [7891.] – Hunty Turban (orange)

Zebra Hoodie

 I wore bodience from DIRAM and also hoodie from DIRAM too. 50% at DIRAM, wohhooo, I can’t help it when it comes to disc items. Why hoodie at the beach ? well, it is a breezy beach, you don’t want to be sick in a pretty beach, c’mon !

Style card No.2 :
Eyeshadow : Dulce Secret – Karma Eyeshadow 3
Lipstick : Madrid Solo – Facade Lips (Golden Girl)
Earrings : Purple Moon – Tribe Earrings *free gift store

Bodience : DIRAM –  JASIA Body (Black)
Hoodie : DIRAM -JANELLE jacket  (Black Rayure)

Place : Black Basalt

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