In The City

I’d been eyeing windlight settings by Jay Nathan or his store BattleScars Windlights & Clouds for months and finally decided to buy 2 of them. Now, I have Cloud-Astronomy and Cloud-Nature. Curious to try on my photoshoot collection this time. I have 2 versions of the ‘In The City’ Collection, in the morning vibe, and in the night vibe. To be honest is hard to pick one of them so then I put those two for the reader’s opinion.

‘Night in The City is using Cloud-Astronomy windlight
Morning in The City is using Cloud-Nature windlight

Style Card:
Eyeliner: Sugarose – Style 01
Bronzer: Dernier – “Face” Cheeks #3 30% Opacity
Nose Contour: Juniper – Nose Contour V4 50%
Tops: COCO by Cocoro Lemon – Cropped Puffer Jacket in Marigold
Dress: COCO by Cocoro Lemon – Cut Out Midi Dress in Black
Earpiece: WTG by Tosy Xue – Dragon Fes
Hair: Tram – L0108
Head: Lelutka – Inez

Flickr Night in The City
Flickr Morning in The City

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