9 A.M at my home, that feeling of ‘just want to sleep once more’ before starting to work. Suddenly located my body against the grasses and flowers. The Orchid flower in this picture was a kind of little orchid that blends with the grasses. Well, not exact grass but more to tropical plantations. Actually love this time around the morning at 8-10 AM and afternoon time about 3-5 PM. The feel of chill and take it easy feeling.

This time I want to share a tool I started to use for my photo. That is called ‘Basic Lights’. I was searching for a lighting lamp for my pictures. Then I found this lighting that we can wear outside the studio and use to control the lights into our body and face. I started to like this tool because it is able to give us the ‘right’ lights on the face and body without having to rez a studio lamp and we can use it outdoors. Here is the link to the MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FAC-BasicLights-v10/19618265

Style Card:
Eyeliner: Sugarose – Eyeliner – Style 01
Knit Dress: COCO by Cocoro Lemon – KnitMidiDress – Deep Plum
Head: Lelutka – Inez
Lighting: FAC – BasicLight
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Mata Hari
Nose Ring and Chain: Maxi Gossamer – Ashira
Hair: Stealthic – Retreat
Shoes: Tetra – Double Wrap Bootie w/ Socks
Sleep Pose: LW (Luanes World) – Growing Wild

Flickr Link

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