Sleep with love

This week, I want to review several items. Two are decor items from Soy and Vespertine, one is a bulldog puppy from RezzRoom and the rest are fashion items from Rama, Blueberry, and Argrace. Actually I loveee this picture. I gave some love to my puppy bulldog and it was cute moment when it put on the bed. By the way, It has a name. Call it pupi ❤

Decor items are from Soy and Vespertine. I got a cozy bed from Soy, if you guys think about cozy and woke up in the morning with your best buddy in the world I think you would like to check on this bed from Soy. I simply chosen PG bed just to have great picture with it but you can also choose the adult bed one. With the casual bed I will need a mesh plantation and I got rubber plant from Vespertine. I saw a lot of cool stuffs too in their store, don’t you forget to check it.

And again, I would love to review this cute bulldog that slept with me yesterday. This bulldog came from gatcha machine and it quite cute. This is mesh dog, and if you got lucky you can get animesh puppy too from the same gatcha machine.

From fashion item review, I am very lucky to got this dress from Rama from their saturday sale event. For this pretty dress I just have to gave 75l. Plus, Rama has awesome decor items in MP and hair item in their store and MP too. If you curious about ‘what is in her legs’, that are shoes from Blueberry. They came with cool ribbon and you can change the colors of shoes, ribbon and mostly everything on it. You can use it with mini dress, If I can suggest. And at last is hair from Argrace, they can be used for sleep shot. Plus, you will get their pose balls that came a long with the hair in their package.

Sleep with Love - Light

Sleep with Love – Light

Style Card

Hair : ARGRACE – Akane (Almond)

Nails : Euphoric – Bento Nails

Heels : Blueberry – Bonita Heels

Dress :  RAMA.Prosk – Stephanie Ruffled Mini Dress (Rose Gold)

Pet : Rezz Room – Bulldog Puppy (sleep)

Bed : Soy. – Metal platform bed
Plant : Vespertine – Exotic Plants (Rubber plant)

Pose : Argrace – Akane

3D version

3D version

3D image version and light version above, which image are the best ? Please go to my flickr to vote. Thank you ❤

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