Opening Barber Business on my room, who will come ?

Do you ever opening business in your own home ? I opening it on my room.

Featuring Rezz Room’s these Barber set was made for Man Cave . I feel masculine on this set really. And I put several cute puppy there from the same store. They have it in animesh too that will follow me around the land. I have the rare ones, but please don’t be jealous. You can get it too on their gacha machine. ❤

Barber ttd second

Style Card :

Hair : Ade – Jenner
Shoes :  Blueberry – Bonita Heels – Ankle High
Pants :  MOLiCHiNO Fife Pants (they are closed now)

Decor :

[Rezz Room] Box Barber Shop Pack Blogger for Man Cave Event
[Rezz Room] Box American Bully Puppy Pack Blogger

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